The West-Saxon Version of
The Gospel of Mark



The text is taken from:

Euangelium secundum Marcum: The Gospel of Saint Mark in West-Saxon. Bright, J.W. (ed.). The Belles-lettres series. Section 1. English literature. Boston/London: D.C. Heath & Co, 1905.



Transcribed by

Rich Rhodes


Mark Langley



This digital edition annotated and prepared by

Michel van der Hoek


Anoka, Minnesota





Table of Contents

An Index of Scenes



John the Baptist Prepares the Way. 1

The Baptism of Jesus 2

The Temptation of Jesus 2

Jesus Calls His First Disciples 2

A Man with an Unclean Spirit 2

Jesus Heals Many. 2

Jesus Preaches in Galilee. 2

Jesus Cleanses a Leper 2

Jesus Heals a Paralytic. 3

Jesus Calls Levi 4

A Question about Fasting. 4

Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath. 4

A Man with a Withered Hand. 4

A Multitude Follows Jesus 5

The Twelve. 5

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit 5

Jesus Mother and Brothers 5

The Parable of the Sower 5

The Purpose of Parables 6

A Lamp under a Basket 6

The Parables of the Growing Seed & the Mustard Seed 6

The Calming of the Storm.. 6

The Healing of a Demon-Possessed Man 6

The Healing of a Woman and of Jairuss Daughter 7

Jesus Rejected at Nazareth. 7

Jesus Sends Out the Apostles 8

The Death of John the Baptist 8

The Feeding of the Five Thousand. 8

Jesus Walks on Water 8

Healing the Sick in Gennesaret 8

Traditions and Commandments 8

What Defiles a Person. 9

The Faith of the Syro-Phonenician Woman 9

The Healing of a Deaf Man. 9

The Feeding of the Four Thousand. 9

The Pharisees Demand a Sign. 10

The Healing of a Blind Man. 10

Peter Confesses the Christ 10

Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection 10

The Transfiguration. 11

A Boy with an Unclean Spirit 11

Second Prediction of Jesuss Death and Resurrection 11

Disputes among the Disciples 11

Divorce. 11

Let the Children Come to Me. 12

The Rich Young Man. 12

Third Prediction of Jesuss Death. 12

The Request by James and John. 12

The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus 12

The Triumphal Entry. 12

Jesus Curses the Fig Tree. 13

The Cleansing of the Temple. 13

The Withered Fig Tree. 13

Jesuss Authority Challenged. 13

The Parable of the Tenants 13

Paying Taxes to Caesar 14

The Sadducees and the Resurrection 14

The Great Commandment 14

The Widows Offering. 14

The Temples Destruction Foretold. 14

Signs of the End of the Age. 15

The Abomination of Desolation. 15

The Coming of the Son of Man. 15

The Plot to Kill Jesus 15

Jesus Anointed at Bethany. 16

Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus 16

The Last Passover 16

Institution of the Lords Supper 16

Peters Denial Foretold. 16

Jesus Prays in Gethsemani 16

Jesus Betrayed and Arrested. 16

Jesus before the Council 17

Peter Denies the Christ 17

Jesus Delivered to Pontius Pilate. 17

Delivered to Crucifixion. 18

The Crucifixion. 18

Death of Jesus 18

Burial of Jesus 18

The Resurrection. 18

Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene. 19

Jesus Appears to Two Disciples 19

The Great Commission. 19



by the editor




fter many years I have finally succeeded in bringing all of the West-Saxon Gospel of Mark together. The text here is in the version by Bright which was published over a century ago. One of the reasons there has been such a delay, apart from the general bustle of life as a graduate student, has been my increasing scepticism about the value of the old editions. Nineteenth-century editors of the old Germanic texts often did not have too many scruples in correcting the supposed errors of medieval scribes. As a scholar of Germanic philology I therefore have some reservations about the manner in which I have been presenting some of the authentic texts in the project New Anglo-Saxon Version of the Bible. This is the fruit of my adherence to the principles of the New Philology movement, which unmasks our modern editions of medieval Germanic texts, especially the classics of Middle High German and Middle English literature, but to a great extent also the editions of religious texts in Anglo-Saxon, as highly doctored inventions by the Victorian editors.

This poses some problems for the serious philologist. It would have been better to use the edition by Liuzza, but this edition is copyright protected and, although cogent arguments could be made for scholarly use of the text, I did not want to run the risk of infringing the copyright of that edition. However, I did not want to burden the project with such elevated philosophical debates, especially as the project was not originally conceived upon the pillars of New Philology. Thus, I simply leave it at this warning to the reader, that I am at present not entirely convinced that the text in Brights editionupon which this text is basedis an accurate transcription of the text in the manuscript. I will leave the philological questions for another audience and another time. The text presented here is an attempt to make the Bible available in Anglo-Saxon. With that purpose as the guiding light for the project, I have felt it more important to present here a text that attempts to provide an accurate text of the Bible text, rather than the Anglo-Saxon manuscript.

I am very grateful for the work Rich Rhodes and Mark Langley have been doing on the Gospel of Mark. I apologise for the tardiness with which it has been made available. Other duties have made it hard for me to devote time to the Anglo-Saxon Bible website. Nevertheless, I hope that the addition of this text will be appreciated by everyone visiting the site.


Editorial Conventions

There are few editorial conventions to be pointed out. Whenever the transcribers or the editor have added text for clarification this text is placed in square brackets. Text in square brackets and in italics has been supplied, whereas non-italic text in square brackets are emendations. The editor has made an attempt to format the text to include section breaks as is common in modern translations of the Bible. Titles for these sections are preceded by the symbol . There are a number of rubricated headings found in the manuscript. Not all of these have been included yet, but where they are included they are printed in red italics rather than in bold.


Michel van der Hoek
Anoka, Minnesota

13 July 2006







John the Baptist Prepares the Way


Her ys godspelles angyn Hlendes Cristes, Godes suna. 2 Swa awriten is on s witegan bec Isaiam,


Nu! ic asende minne engel beforan inre ansyne,

se gegearwa inne weg beforan e.

3 Clypigende stefen on am westene, Gegearwia Drihtnes weg, do rihte his sias.[a]


4 Iohannes ws on westene fulligende, and bodiende dd-bote fulwiht, on synna forgyfenesse. 5 And to him ferde eall Iudeisc rice, and ealle Hierosolima-ware; and wron fram him gefullode on Iordanes flode, hyra synna anddetende. 6 And Iohannes ws gescryd mid oluendes hrum, and fellen gyrdel ws ymbe his lendenu; and grstapan, and wudu hunig he t, 7 And he bodode, and cw, Strengra cym fter me, s ne eom ic wyre t ic his sceona wanga bugende uncytte. 8 Ic fullige eow on wtere; he eow fulla on Halgum Gaste.


The Baptism of Jesus

9 And on am dagum, come se Hlend fram Nazareth Galilee, and ws gefullod on Iordane fram Iohanne. 10 And sona of am wtere, he geseah opene heofonas, and Haligne Gast swa culfran astigende, and on him wunigende. 11 And am ws stefn of heofenum geworden, u eart min gelufoda suna, on e ic gelicode.


The Temptation of Jesus

12 And sona Gast hine on westen genydde. 13 And he on westene ws feowertig daga and feowertig nihta, and he ws fram Satane gecostnod, and he mid wilddeorum ws, and him englas enodon. 14 Syan Iohannes geseald ws, com se Hlend on Galileam, Godes rices godspell bodigende, 15 And us cweende, Witodlice tid is gefylled, and heofena rice genelc; do dd-bote, and gelyfa am godspelle.


Jesus Calls His First Disciples

16 And a he ferde wi a Galileiscan s, he geseah Simonem, and Andream, his broor, hyra nett on a s ltende; solice hi wron fisceras. 17 And a cw se Hlend, Cuma fter me; and ic do inc t gyt beo sawla onfonde. 18 And hi a hrdlice him fyligdon, and forleton heora nett. 19 And anon hwon agan, he geseah Iacobun Zebedei, and Iohannes his broor, and hi on heora scype heora nett logodon. 20 And he hi sona clypode; and hi heora fder, Zebedeo, on scipe forleton, mid hyrligum, [and hi folgodon hine.]


A Man with an Unclean Spirit

21 And ferdon to Cafarnaum, and sona reste-dagum he lrde hi, on gesamnunge ingangende. 22 And hi wundredon be his lare; solice he ws hi lrende, swa swa se e anweald hf, ns swa boceras. 23 And on heora gesamnunge ws sum man on unclnum gaste, and he hrymde, 24 And cw, Eala Nazarenisca Hlend, hwt is us and e? com u us to forspillanne? ic wat u eart Godes halga. 25 a cidde se Hlend him, and cw, Adumba, and ga of isum men. 26 And se unclna gast hine slitende, and mycelre sefne clypigende, him of eode. 27 a wundredon hi ealle, swa t hi betwux him cwdon, Hwt ys is? hwt is eos niwe lar? t he on anwealde unclnum gastum bebyt, and hi hyrsumia him. 28 And sona ferde his hlisa to Galilea rice.


Jesus Heals Many

29 Hrdlice of hyra gesamnunge hi comon on Simonis and Andreas hus, mid Iacobe and Iohanne. 30 Solice a st Simonis sweger hriigende; and hi him be hyre sdon. 31 And genealcende, he hi up-ahof, hyre handa gegripenre, and hrdlice se fefer hi forlet, and heo enode him. 32 Solice a hit ws fen geworden, a sunne to setle eode, hi brohton to him ealle a unhalan, and a e wode wron. 33 And eall seo burh-waru ws gegaderod to re duran. 34 And he manega gehlde e missenlicum adlum gedrehte wron, and manega deofol-seocnyssa he ut-adraf, and hi sprecan ne let, foram hi wiston t he Crist ws.


Jesus Preaches in Galilee

35 And swie r arisende, he ferde on weste stowe, and hine ar gebd. 36 And him fylidge Simon, and a e mid him wron. 37 And a hi hine gemetton, hi sdon him, Eall is folc e sec. 38 a cw he, Fare we on gehende tunas and ceastra, t ic ar bodige, witodice to am ic com. 39 And he ws bodigende on heora gesamnungum, and ealre Galilea, and deofol-seocnessa ut-adrifende.


Jesus Cleanses a Leper

ys godspel sceal on wodnesdg on re fifteoan wucan ofer pentecosten.


40 And to him com sum hreofla, hine biddende, and gebigedum cneowum, him to cw, Drihten, gif u wylt, u miht geclnsian me. 41 Solice se Hlend him miltsode, and his hand aenode, and hine -hrinende, and us cw, Ic wylle, beo u geclnsod. 42 And a he us cw, sona seo hreofnes him fram gewat, and he ws geclnsod.

43 And sona he bead him, [and onsent hine]. 44 And cw, Warna, t u hit nanum men ne secge; ac ga, and tyw e ara sacerda ealdre, and bring for inre clnsunga t Moyses bebead, him on gewitnesse.

45 And he, a utgangende, ongan bodian, and widmrsian a sprce, swi t he ne mihte openlice on a ceastre gan, ac beon ute on westum stowum; and hi ghwanon to him comon.


Jesus Heals a Paralytic


And eft fter dagum, he eode into Cafarnaum. And hit ws gehyred, t he ws on huse, 2 And manega togdere comon, And he to heom sprc. 3 And hi comon anne laman to him berende, one feower men bron. 4 And a hi ne mihton hine in-bringan for re mnigeo, hi openodon one hrof, ar se Hlend ws; and hi a in-asendon t bed, e se lama on-lg. 5 Solice a se Hlend geseah heora geleafan, he cw to am laman, Sunu, e synt ine synna forgifene. 6 ar wron sume of am bocerum sittende, and on heora heortan encende, 7 Hwi spyc es us? He dysega; hwa mg synna forgyfan, buton God ana? 8 a se Hlend t on his gaste oncneow, a hi swa betwux him ohton, he cwea to him, Hwi ence ge as ing on eowrum heortum? 9 Hwer is ere to secgenne to am laman, e synd ine synna forgifene, hwer e cwean, Aris, nim in bed, and ga? 10 t ge solice witon t mannes sunu hf anweald on eoran synna to forgyfanne, he cw to am laman, 11 e ic secge, aris, nim in bed, and ga to inum huse. 12 And he sona aras, and, [underleat bere,] beforan him eallum eode, swa t ealle wundredon, . and us cwdon, Nfre we r yllic ne gesawon.


Jesus Calls Levi[b]

13 Eft he ut-eode to re s, and eall seo mnigeo him to com; and he hi lrde. 14 And a he for-eode, he geseah Leuin Alphei sittende t hys cep-setle, and he cw to him. Folga me. aaras he and folgode him. 15 And hit gewear, a he st on his huse, t manega manfulle ston mid am Hlende and his leorning-cnihtum; solice manega, a e him fyligdon, wron. 16 Boceras and Farisei, and cwdon, Witodlice he ytt mid manfullum and synfullum, and hi cwdon to his leorning-cnihtum, Hwi ytt eower lareow and drinc mid manfullum and synfullum? 17 a se Hlend is gehyrde, he sde him, Ne beurfon na a halan lces, ac a e untrume synt; ne com ic na t ic clypode rihtwise, ac synfulle.


A Question about Fasting

18 And a wron Iohannes leorning-cnihtas and Pharisei fstende; and a comon hi, and sdon him, Hwi fsta Iohannes leorning-cnihtas and Phariseorum, and ine ne fsta? 19 a cw se Hlend, Cwee ge scolon, s brydguman cnihtas fstan, swa lange swa se brydguma mid him is? Ne magon hi fstan, swalange tide, swahi one brydguman mid him habba. 20 Solice a dagas cuma, onne se brydguma him bi fram acyrred, and onne hi fsta on am dagum. 21 Nan man ne siwa niwne scyp to ealdum reafe, elles he afyr one niwan scyp of am ealdan reafe, and bi mare slite. 22 And nan man ne de niwe win on ealde bytta, elles t win tobryc a bytta, and t win bi agoten, and a bytta forwura. Ac niwe win sceal beon gedon on niwe bytta, onne beo butu gehealden.


Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath

23 Eft ws geworden, a he restedagum urh ceras eode, his leorning-cnihtas ongunnon a ear pluccigean. 24 a cwdon Pharisei to him, Loca nu! hwt ine leorning-cnihtas do, t him alyfed ns on reste-dagum. 25 a sde he hym, Ne rdde ge nfre hwt dyde Dauid, a hine himgrode, and a e mid him wron? 26 Hu he in Godes huse eode, under Abiathar, ara sacerda ealdre, and he t a offrung-hlafas. e him ne alyfede nron to etanne, buton sacerdum anum, and he sealde am e mid him wron. 27 And he sde him, Reste-dg ws geworht for am men, ns se man for am reste-dge; 28 Witodlice drihten is mannes sunu eac swylce reste-dges.


A Man with a Withered Hand


And eft he eode on gesomnunge, and ar ws an man forscruncene hand hbbende. 2 And hi gymdon, hwer he on reste dagum gehlde, t hi hine gewregdon. 3 a cw he to am men e forscruncene hand hfde, Aris gemang him. 4 a cw he, Alyf reste-dagum wel to donne, hwer e yfele? sawla gehlan, hwer e forspillan? And hi su wodon. 5 And hi besceawigende mid yrre, ofer hyra heortan blindnesse ge-unret, cw to am men, Aene ine hand. And he aenede he, a wear his hand gehled sona. 6 a Pharisei mid Herodianiscum utgangende, eahtedon ongen hine, hu hi hine fordon mihton.


A Multitude Follows Jesus

7 And a ferde se Hlend to re s mid his leorning-cnihtum; and mycel menigeo him fyligde fram Galilea and Iudea, 8 And Hierusalem, and fram Idumea and begeondan Iordane, and to him com mycel menegeo, ymbe Tirum and Sidone, gehyrende a ing e he worhte. 9 And he cw to his cnihtum, t hi him on scipe enodon, for re menigum, t hi hine ne ofrungon; 10 Solice manega he gehlde, . swa t hi t-hrinon his. And swa fela swa untrumnessa, 11 And unclne gastas hfdon, a hi hine gesawon, hi toforan him astrehton, and us cweende, cypedon, u eart Godes sunu. 12 And he him swye forbead, t hi hine ne geswutelodon.


The Twelve

13 And on anne munt he ferde, and to him geclypode a e he wolde; and hi to him comon. 14 And he dyde, t hi twelfe mid him wron, and he hi asende godspell to bodigenne. 15 And he him anweald sealde untrumnessa to hlanne, and deofol-seocnessa ut to adrifanne. 16 And he nemde Simon Petrum, 17 And Iacobum Zebedei and Iohannem, his broor, and him naman onsette Boanerges, t is, unres bearn; 18 And Andream and Philippum, and Bartholomeum and Matheum, and Thomam and Iacobum Alphei, and Taddeum and Simonem Chananeum, 19 And Iudam Scarioth, se hine sealde. 20 And eft him to com swa micel menigu, t hi nfdon hlaf to etanne. 21 And a hi hine gehyrdon, hi ferdon t hi hyne namon; and us cwdon, Soliice he is on hat-heortnesse gewend.


Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

22 And a boceras e wendon fram Hierusalem, cwdon, Solice he hf Beelzebub, and on deofla ealdre he deofolseocnessa ut-adrif. 23 And he hi togdere geclypode, and on bigspellum him to cw, Hu mg Satanas Satanan ut adrifan? 24 And gif his rice on him sylfum by todled, hu mg hit standan? 25 And gif dt hus ofer hit sylfe ys todled, hu mg hit standan? 26 And gif Satanas win ongen hine sylfne, he bi todled, and he standan ne mg, ac hf ende. 27 Ne mg man one strangan his hta and his fatu bereafian, and on his hus gan, buton man one strangan rest gebinde, and onne hys hus reafige. 28 Solice ic eow secge, t ealle sinna synd manna bearnum forgyfene, and bysmerunga, am e hi bysmeria. 29 Solice ic eow secge, se one Halgan Gast bysmera, se nf on ecnysse forgyfenesse, ac bi eces gyltes scyldig. 30 Foram e hi cwdon, He hf unclnne gast.


Jesus Mother and Brothers

31 a com to him his modor and his gebrodra, and ar ute stodon, and to him sendon, and to him clypedon. 32 And mycel menigu ymb hine st; and to him cwdon, Her is in modor, and ine gebrora ute and seca e. 33 He a him andswarode and cw, Hwylc is min modor and mine gebroru? 34 And he cw, a behealdende, e him abuton ston, Her is min modor and mine gebroru. 35 Solice, se e de Godes willan, se is min modor, and min broor, and swustor.


The Parable of the Sower


And eft he ongan hi t re s lran; and him ws mycel menegu to gegaderod, swa t he on scip eode, and on re s ws, and eall seo menegu ymbe a s ws, on lande. 2 And he hi fela on bigspellum lrde. And him to cw on hys lare,

3 Gehyra.


ys godspell sceal on re wucan fter am e man belyc alleluia.


Ut eode se sdere his sd to sawenne. 4 And a he sew, sum feoll wi one weg, and fugelas comon, and hit frton. 5 Sum feoll ofer stan-scyligean, ar hit nfde mycele eoran; and sona upeode, foram e hit nfde eoran iccnesse. 6 a hit up-eode, seo sunne hit forswlde, and hit forscranc, foram hit wyrtruman nfde. 7 And sum feoll on ornas, a stigon a ornas, and forrysmodon t, and hit wstm ne br. 8 And sum feoll on god land, and hit sealde, uppstigende, and wexende, wstm; and an brohte ritig-fealdne, sum syxtigfealdne, sum hund-fealdne. 9 And he cw, Gehyre, se e earan hbbe to gehyranne.


The Purpose of Parables

10 And a he ana ws, hine axodon t bigspell a twelfe e mid him wron. 11 And he sde him, Eow is geseald to witanne Godes rices gerynu. am e uite synd, ealle ing on bigspellum gewura.


12 t hi geseonde geseon,
and na ne geseon,

and gehyrende gehyron,
and ne ongyton;

e-ls hi hwnne syn gecyrede,
and him sin hyra synna forgyfene.[c]


13 a sde he him, Ge nyton is bigspell and hu mage ge ealle bigspell witan? 14 Se e sw, word he sw. 15 Solice a synd wi one weg, ar t word is gesawen; and onne hi hit gehyra, sona cym Satanas, and afyr t word e on heora heortan asawen ys. 16 And a synd gelice e synd ofer a stan-scylian gesawen, sona nue hi t word gehyra, and t mid blisse onfo; 17 And hi nabba wyrtruman on him, ac beo unsaolfste; and syan upcym deofles costnung, and his ehtnys for am worde, . 18 Hi synd on ornum gesawen t synd; a e t word gehyra, 19 And of yrme, and swicdome worold-welena, and ora gewilnunga, t word of-rysmia, and synd buton wstme gewordene. 20 And a e gesawene synd ofer t gode land, a synda e t word gehyra, and onfo, and wstm bringa, sum ritig-fealdne, sum syxtig-fealdne, and sum hund-fealdne.


A Lamp under a Basket

21 He sde him, Cwyst u cym t leoht-ft, t hit beo under bydeneaset, oe under bedde? wite geare, t hit sy ofer candel-stf aset? 22 Solice nis nan ing behydd, e nesy geswutelod; ne nis digle geworden, ac t hit openlice cume. 23 Gehyre, gif hwa earan hbbe to gehyranne. 24 And he cw to him, Warnia hwt ge gehyron. And on am gemete e ge meta, eow bi gemeten, and eow bi ge-ict. 25 am bi geseald e hf, and am e nf, eac t he hf, him bi t-broden.


The Parables of the Growing Seed & the Mustard Seed

26 And he cw, Godes rice ys, swylce man wurpe god sd on his land, and sawe, 27 And arise dges and nihtes, and t sd growe, and wexe, onne he nat. 28 Solice sylf-willes seo eore wstm bera, rest grs, syan ear, syan fulne hwte on am eare. 29 And onne se wstm hine forbring, sona he sent his sicol, foram t rip t is. 30 And eft he cw, For hwam geanlicie we heofena rice? oe hwylcum bigspelle wimete we hit? 31 Swa swa senepes sd, onne hit bi on eoran gesawen, hit is ealra sda lst e on eoran synd; 32 And onne hyt asawen bi, hit astih, and bi ealra wyrta mst; and hf swa mycele bogas, t heofenes fugelas eardian magon under his sceade. 33 And manegum swylcum bigspellum he sprc to him, t hi mihton gehyran; 34 Ne spc he na butan bigspelle. Eall he his leorning-cnihtum asundron rehte.


The Calming of the Storm

35 And sde him, onne fen bi, Uton faran agen. 36 And a menigu forltende, hi onfengon hine, swa he on scipe ws; and ore scipu wron mid him. 37 And a ws mycel yst windes geworden, and ya he awearp on t scyp, t hit gefylled ws. 38 And he ws on scipe, ofer bolster slapende. And hi awehton hine, and cwdon, Ne belimp to e, t we forweora? 39 And he aras, and am winde bebead, and cw to re s, Suwa, and gestil. And se wind geswac a, and wear mycel smyltnes. 40 And he sde him, Hwi synd ge forhte? Gyt ge babba geleafan? 41 And hi micclum ege him ondredon, and cwdon lc to orum, Hwt wenst u, hwt is es? t him windas and s hyrsumia.


The Healing of a Demon-Possessed Man

[is godspel sceal on frigedg on re seofean wucan ofer pentecosten]


a comon hi ofer re ss muan on t rice Hierasenorum. 2 And hym of scipe gangendum, him sona agen arn an aman of dam byrgenum on unclnum gaste. 3 Se hfde on byrgenum scrf, and hine nan man mid racenteagum ne mihte gebindan. 4 Foram he oft mid fot-copsum and racenteagum gebunden, toslat a raceteaga, and a fot-copsas tobrc, and hine nan man gewyldan ne mihte. 5 And symle, dges and nihtes, he ws on byrgenum and on muntum, hrymende, and hine sylfne mid stanum ceorfende. 6 Solice a he one Hland feorran geseah, he arn, and hine gebd. 7 And mycelre stemne hrymende, and us cw, Eala mra Hlend, Godes sunu, hwt is me and e? Ic halsige e urh God, t u me ne reage. 8 a cw se Hlend, Eala unclna gast, ga of ysum men. 9 a ahsode he hyne, Hwt is in nama? a cw he, Min nama is legio; foram we manega synd. 10 And he hine swye bd, t he hine of am rice ne nydde. 11 ar ws embe one munt mycel swyna heord lswigende. 12 And a unclnan gastas hyne bdon, and cwdon, Send us on as swyn, t we on hi gegan. 13 And a lyfde se Hlend sona. And a eodon a unclnan gastas on a swyn, and on myclum hryre seo heord wear on s bescofen, twa usendo, and wurdon adruncene on re s.

14 Solice a e hi heoldon, flugon, and cydon on re ceastre, and on lande; and hi ut-eodon, t hi gesawon hwt ar gedon wre. 15 And hi comon to am Hlende, and hi gesawon one e mid deofle gedreht ws, gescrydne sittan, and hales modes; and hi him ondredon. 16 And hi rehton him, a e hit gesawon, hu hit gedon ws be am e deofol-seocnesse hfde, and be am swynum. 17 And hi bdon, t he of hyra gemrum fore. 18 a he on scip edoe, hine ongan biddan, se e r mid deofle gedreht ws, t he mid him wre. 19 Him a se Hlend ne getiode, ac he sde him, Ga to inum huse to inum hiwum, and cy him, hu mycel Drihten gedyde, and he gemiltsode e. 20 And he a ferde, and ongan bodigean on Decapolim, hu fela se Hlend him dyde; and hig ealle s wundredon.


The Healing of a Woman and of Jairuss Daughter

21 And a se Hlend eft on scype ferde ofer one muan, him com to mycel menigu, and ws ymbe a s. 22 And a com sum of heah-gesamnungum, Iairus hatte, and a he hyne geseah, he astrehte hine to his fotum, 23 And hine swye bd, and he cw, Min dohtor is on ytemestum se; cum, and sete ine hand ofer hi, t heo hal sy, and lybbe. 24 a ferde he mid him, and him fyligde mycel menigeo, and rungon hine.

25 And a t wif e on blodes ryne twelf winter ws, 26 And fram manegum lcum fela inga olode, and dlde eall t heo ahte, and hit naht ne fremode, ac ws e wyrse. 27 a heo be am Hlende gehyrde, eho com wi-ftan a menigu, and his reaf t-hran. 28 Solice heo cw, Gif ic furon his reafes t-hrin, ic beo hal. 29 And a sona wear hyre blodes ryne adruwod, and heo on hire gefredde t heo of am wite gehled ws. 30 And a se Hlend oncneow on him silfum t him mgen of eode, he cw, bewend to re menigu, Hwa t-hran mines reafes? 31 a cwdon his leorning-cnihtas, u gesyhst as menigu e ringende, and u cwyst, Hwa t-hran me? 32 And a beseah hine, t he gesawe ne e t dyde. 33 at wif a ondrdende and forhtigende, com, and astrehte hi beforan him, and sde him eall t riht. 34 a cw se Hlend, Dohtor, in geleafa e hale gedyde; ga e on sibbe, and beo of isum hal.

35 Him a gyt sprecendum, hi comon fram am heah-gesamnungum, and cwdon, in dohtor is dead; hwi drecst u leng one lareow? 36 a he gehyrde t word, a cw se Hlend, Ne ondrd u e, gelyf for an. 37 And he ne let him nig ne fyligean, buton Petrum, and Iacobum, and Iohannem, Iacobes broor. 38 And hi comon on s heah-ealdres hus. And he geseah mycel gehyd, wepende and geomriende. 39 And a he in-eode, he cw, Hwi synd ge gedrefede, and wepa? Nis is mden na dead, ac heo slp. 40 a tldon hi hine. He a, eallum ut-adrifenum, nam s mdenes [fder and] moder, and a e mid him wron, and inn-eodon suwiende, ar t mden ws. 41 And hire hand nam, and cw, Thalimtha, cumi, t is on ure geeode gereht, Mden, e ic secge, aris. 42 And heo sona aras, and eode; solice heo ws twelf wintre. And ealle hi wundredon mycelre wundrunge. 43 And he him earle behead, t hi hyt nanum men ne sdon. And he het hire etan syllan.


Jesus Rejected at Nazareth


And a he anum eode, he ferde on his eel; and him folgodon his leorning-cnihtas.

2 And gewordenum reste-dge, he ongan on gesamnunge lran. And manege gehyrdon and wundredon on his lare, and cwdon, Hwanon synd yssum ealle as ing? And hwt is se wisdom e him geseald is, and swylce mihta e urh his handa gewordene synd? 3 Hu nys [ys] se smi, Marian sunu, Iacobes broor and Isoepes and Iude and Simonis? hu ne synd his swustra her mid us? And a wurdon hi gedrefede. 4 a cw se Hlend, Solice nis nan witega buton wurscipe, buton on his eele, and on his mge, and on his huse. 5 And he ne mihte ar nig mgen wyrcan, buton feawa untrunie, on-asettum his handum, he gehlde. 6 And he wundrode for heora ungeleafan, He a lrende a castel beferde.


Jesus Sends Out the Apostles

7 And him twelfe to geclypode, and agan hi sendan twam and twam; and him anweald sealde unclnra gasta, 8 And him bebead, t hi naht on wege ne namon, buton gyrde ane, ne codd, ne hlaf, ne feoh on heora gyrdlum, 9 Ac gesceode mid calcum, and t hi mid twam tunecum gescrydde nron. 10 And he cw to him, Swa hwyle hus swa ge in-ga, wuniga ar, ot ge ut-gan. 11 And swa hwylce swa eow ne gehyra, onne ge anon ut-ga asceaca t dust of eowrum fortum, him on gewitnesse. 12 And ut-gangende, hi bodedon, t hi dd-bote dydon. 13 And hi manega deofol-seocnessa utadrifon, and manega untrume mid ele smyredon, and gehldon.


The Death of John the Baptist

14 And a gehyrde Herodes se cyng, t solice his nama ws swutol geworden, and he[d] cw, Witodlice Iohannes se Fulluhtere of deae aras, and on him synd foram mgenu geworht. 15 Sume cwdon, He is Elias; sume cwdon, He is witega, swylce an of am witegum. 16 a Herodes t gehyrde, he cw, Se Iohannes, e ic beheafdode, se aras of deae. 17 Solice Herodes sende, and het Iohannem, gebindan on cwerterne, for re Herodiadiscan, his broor lafe, Philippus; foram e he nam hi. 18 a sde Iohannes Herode, Nys e alyfed, to hbbenne ines broer wif. 19 a syrwde Herodias ymbe hine, and wolde hyne ofslean, and heo ne mihte. 20 Solice Herodes ondred Iohannem, and wiste t he ws rihtwis and halig, and he heold hine on cwerterne. And he gehyrde t he fela wundra worhte, and he lufelice him hyrde.

21 a se dg com Herodes gebyrdtide, he gegearwode mycele feorme his ealdormannum, and am fyrmestum on Galilea. 22 And a a ra Herodiadiscan dohtor inn-eode, and trumbode, hit licode Herode, and eallum am e him mid ston, se cing cw a to am mdene, Bide me swa hwt swa u wylle, and ic e sylle. 23 And he swor hire, Soes ic e sylle, swa hwt swa u me bitst, eah u wylle healf min rice. 24 a heo ut-eode, heo cw to hyre meder, Hws bidde ic? a cw heo, Iohannes heafod s Fulluhteres. 25 Sona a heo mid ofeste in to am cyninge eode, heo bd, and us cw, Ic wylle t u me hrdlice on anum disce sylle Iohannes heafod. 26 a wear se cyning ge-unret foram ae, and foram e him mid ston nolde eah hi ge-unretan; 27 Ac sende nne cwellere, and bebead t man his heafod on anum disce brohte. And he hine a on cwerterne beheafdode, 28 And his heafod on disce brohte, and hit sealde am mdene, and t mden hit sealde hire meder. 29 a his cnihtas t gehyrdon, hi comon, and his lic namon, and hine on byrgene ledon.


The Feeding of the Five Thousand

30 Solice a a apostolas togdere comon, hi cyddon am Hlende eall, t hi dydon, and hi lrdon. 31 And he sde him, Cuma and uton gan on-sundron on weste stowe; and us hwon restan. Solice manega wron e comon, and agen-hwyrfdon, and fyrst nfdon t hi ton. 32 And on scryp stigende, hi foron onsundron on weste stowe. 33 And gesawon hi farende, and hi gecneowon manega, and gangende of am burgum, yder urnon, and him beforan comon. 34 And a se Hlend anon eode he geseah mycele menegu, and he gemiltsode him, foram e hi wron swa swa scep e nanne hyrde nabba. And he ongan hi fela lran. 35 And a hit mycel ylding ws, his leorning-cnihtas him to comon, and cwdon, Deos stow is weste, and tima is for-agan; 36 Forlt as manegu, t hi faron on gehende tunas, and him mete bicgan t hi eton. 37 a cw he, Sylle ge him etan. a cwdon hi, Uton gan and mid twam hundred penegum hlafas biegan, and we him etan sylla. 38 a cw he, Hu fela hlafa hbba ge? Ga and locia. And a hi wiston, hi cwdon, Fif hlafas, and twegen fixas. 39 And a bebead se Hlend, t t fole ste ofer t grene hig. 40 And hi a ston, hundredum, and fiftigum. 41 And fif hlafum, and twam fixum onfangenum, he on heofon locode, and hi bletsode, and a hlafas brc, and sealde his leorning-cnihtum, t hi toforan him asetton. And twegen fixas him eallon dlde; 42 And hi ton a ealle, and gefyllede wurdon. 43 And hi namon ara hlafa, and fixa lafa, twelf wilian fulle. 44 Solice fif usend manna, ara etendra wron.


Jesus Walks on Water

45 a sona he nydde his leorning-cnihtas on scyp stigan, t hig him beforan foron ofer ne muan to Bethsaida, o he t folc forlete. 46 And a he hi forlet, he ferde on one munt, and hine ana ar gehd. 47 And a fen ws, t scyp ws on middre s, and he ana ws on lande; 48 And he geseah hi on rewette swincende; him ws wier-weard wind. And on niht embe a feoran wccan, he com to him ofer a s gangende, and wolde hi forbugan. 49 a hi hine gesawon ofer a s gangende, hi wendon t hit unfle gast wre, and hi clypedon; 50 Hi ealle hine gesawon, and wurdon gedrefede. And sona he sprc to him, and cw, Gelyfa, ic hit eom; ne urfon ge eow ondrdan. 51 And he on scryp to him eode, and se wind geswac. And hi s e ma betwux him wundredon; 52 Ne ongeton hi be am hlafum; solice heora heorte ws ablend.


Healing the Sick in Gennesaret

53 And a hi ofer-segledon, hi comon to Genesaret, and ar wicedon. 54 And a hi of scipe eodon, sona hi hine gecneowon. 55 And eall t rice befarende, hi on sccingum bron a untruman, ar hi hine gehyrdon. 56 And swa hwar swa he on wic oe on tunas eode, on strton hi a untruman ledon, and hine bdon, t hi huru his refes fnd t-hrinon; and swa fela swa hine t-hrinon, hi wurdon hale.


Traditions and Commandments


a comon to him Pharisei and sume boceras cumende fram Hierusalem. 2 And a hi gesawon sume of his leorning-cnihtum besmitenum handum, t is, unwogenum handum, etan, hi tldon hi and cwdon, 3 Pharisei and ealle Iudeas ne eta, buton hi hyra handa gelomlice wean, healdende hira yldrena gesetnessa. 4 And on strte, hi ne eta, buton hi gewegene beon; and manega ore synd, e him gesette synd, t is calicea fyrma, and ceaca, ar-fata, and mstlinga. 5 And a acsodon hine Pharisei and a boceras, Hwi ne ga ine leorning-cnihtas fter ure yldrena gesetnysse, ac besmitenum handum hyra hlaf icga? 6 a andswarode he him, Wel witegode Isaias be eow, licceterum, swa hit awriten is,


is folc me mid welerum weora, solice hyra heorte is feor fram me;

7 On idel hi me weoria, and manna lara and behodu lra.[e]


8 Solice ge forlta Godes bebod, and healda manna laga, weala ceaca, and calica; and manega ore yllice ing ge do.

9 a sde he him, Wel ge on idel dydon Godes bebod, t ge eower laga healdon. 10 Moyses cw, Wura inne fder and ine modor; and se e wyrig his fder and his modor, swelte se deae. 11 Solice ge cwea, Gif hwa seg his fder and meder, Corban, t is on ure geeode, Gyfu gif hwylc is of me, e frema; 12 And ofer t ge ne lta hine nig ing don his fder oe meder, 13 Toslitende Godes bebod for eower stuntan lage, e ge gesetton; and manega ore ing yssum gelice ge do.


What Defiles a Person

14 And eft a manegu he him to clypode, and cw, Gehyra me ealle, and ongyta. 15 Nys nan ing of am men on hine gangende, t hine besmitan mge; ac a ing e of am men for-ga, a hine besmita. 16 Gif hwa earan hbbe, gehlyste me. 17 And a se Hlend fram re menegu eode, his leorning-cnihtas hine an bigspel acsodon. 18 a cw he, And synd ge us ungleawe? Ne ongyte ge, t eall t utan cym on one man gangende, ne mg hine besmitan? 19 Foram hit ne g on his heortan, ac on his inno, and on for-gang gewite, ealle mettas clnsigende. 20 a sde he him, t a ing e of am men ga, a hine besmita. 21 Innan, of manna heortan yfele geancas cuma, unriht-hmedu, and forligeru, manslihtas, 22 [Stala,] gitsung, man, facnu, sceamleast, yfel gesih, dysinessa, ofer-modignessa, stuntscipe. 23 and ealle as yfelu of am innoe cuma, and one man besmita.


The Faith of the Syro-Phonenician Woman

24 a ferde he anon on a endas Tyri and Sidonis. And he in-agan on t hus, he nolde t hit nig wiste; and he ne mihte hit bemian. 25 Sona a an wif, be him gehyrde, re dohtor hfde unclnne gast, heo in-eode, and to his fotum hi astrehte. 26 Solice t wif ws hen, Sirofenisces cynnes. And bd hine, t he one deofol of hyre dehter adrife. 27 a sde he hire, Lt rest a bearn beon gefylled; nis na god t man nime ara bearna hlaf, and hundum werpe. 28 a andswarode heo, and cw, Drihten, t is so; witodlice a hwelpas eta under re mysan, of ara cilda cruman. 29 a sde he hyre, For re sprce ga, nu se deofol of inre dehter gewit. 30 And a heo on hyre hus eode, heo gemette t mden on hire bedde licgende, and one deofol ut-gan.


The Healing of a Deaf Man

31 And eft he eode of Tyra gemrum, and com urh Sidonem to re Galileiscan s, betwux middle endas Decapoleos. 32 And hi lddon him nne deafne and dumbne, and hine bdon, dt he his hand him on asette. 33 a nam he hine onsundran of re menigu, and his fingras on his earan dyde; and sptende his tungan onhran. 34 And on one heofon behealdende, geomrode, and cw, Effeta, t is on ure geode, Sy u ontyned, 35 And sona wurdon his earan geopenode, and his tungan bend wear unslyped, and he rihte sprc. 36 And he bead him, t hi hit nanum men ne sdon; solice swa he him swior bebead, swa hi swior bodedon, 37 And s e ma wundredon, and cwdon, Ealle ing he wel dyde, and he dyde t deafe gehyrdon, and dumbe sprcon.


The Feeding of the Four Thousand


Eft on am dagum, him ws mid micel menigu, and nfdon hwt hi ton, a cw he, to somne geclypedum his leorning-cnihtum, 2 Ie gemiltsige ysse menegu, foram hi ry dagas me ge-anbidia, and nabba hwt hi eton; 3 Gif ic hi fstende to hyra husum lte, be wege hi geteorigea; sume hi comon feorran. 4 And a andswarodon him his leorning-cnihtas, Hwanon mg nig man as mid hlafum on isum westene gefyllan? 5 a axode he hi, Hu fela hlafa hbbe ge? He cwdon, Seofon. 6 a het he sittan a menegu ofer a eoran. And nam a seofon hlafas, and Gode ancode, and hi brc, and sealde his leorning-cnihtum, t hi toforan him asetton. And he swa dydon. 7 And hi nfdon buton feawa fixa; and he a bletsode, and het beforan him settan. 8 And hi ton, and wurdon gefyllede; and hi namon t of am brytsenum belaf, seofon wilian fulle. 9 Solice a e ar ton, wron fif[f] usend; and he hi a forlet. 10 And sona he on scyp, mid his leorning-cnihtum, astah, and com on a dlas Dalmanua.


The Pharisees Demand a Sign

11 And a ferdon a Pharisei, and ongunnon mid him smeagean, and tacen of heofone sohton, and his fandedon. 12 a cw he, geomriende on his gaste, Hwi sec eos cneoris tacen? Solice ic eow secge, ne bi isse cneorisse tacen geseald. 13 And hi a forltende, eft on scyp astah, and ferde ofer one muan. 14 And hi ofergeton t hi hlafas ne namon, and hi nfdon on scype mid him buton nne hlaf. 15 And he him bead, and cw, Locia, and warnia fram Pharisea, and Herodes hfe. 16 a ohton, hi betwux him, and cwdon, Nbbe we nane hlafas. 17 a se Hlend t wiste, he cw, Hwt ence ge, foram ge hlafas nabba? Gyt ge ne oncnawa, ne ne ongyta; gyt ge habba eowre heortan geblende. 18 Eagan ge habba, and ne geseo, and earan, and ne gehyra; ne ge ne enca, 19 Hwnne ic brc fif hlafas and twegen fixas, and hu fela wyligena ge namon fulle? Hi cwdon a, Twelfe. 20 And hwnne seofon hlafas feower usendum, and hu fela wyligena brytsena ge namon fulle? Hi sdon, Seofon. 21 a sde he him, Hwi ne ongyte ge gyt?


The Healing of a Blind Man

22 And hi comon a to Bethzaida, and hi brohton him a nne blindne, and hine bdon, t he hine t-hrine. 23 And a t-hran he s blindan hand, and ldde hine butan a wic, and sptte on his eagan, and his hand onasette, and hine axode, hwer he aht gesawe. 24 a cwaa he a, a he hyne beseah, Ic geseo men swylce treow gangende. 25 Eft he asette his handa ofer his eagan, and he geseah a, and wear geedniwod, swa t he beorhtlice eall geseah. 26 a sende he hyne to his huse, and cw, Ga to inum huse; and eah u on tun ga, nnegum u hit ne sege.


Peter Confesses the Christ

27 a eode he and his leorning-cnihtas on t castel Cesare Philippi. And he on wege his leorning-cnihtas ahsode, Hwt secga men t ic sy? 28 a andswarodon hi, Sume, Iohannem one Fulluhtere; sume, Heliam; sume, sumne of am witegum. 29 a cw he, Hwt secge ge t ic sy? a andswarode Petrus him, and cw, u eart Crist. 30 And a bead he him, t hi nnegum be him ne sdon.


Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection

31 a ongan he hi lran, at mannes sunu gebyre fela inga olian, and beon aworpen fram ealdormannum, and heahsacerdum, and bocerum, and beon ofslegen, and fter rim dagum arisan. 32 And sprc a openlice. And a nam Petrus hine, and ongan hine reagean. 33 a bewende he hine, and cidde Petre, and cw, Ga onbc, Satanas; foram u nast a ing e synd Godes, ac a ing e synd manna. 34 a cw he, togdere geclypedre menegu, mid his leorning-cnihtum, Gif hwa wyle me fyligean, wisace hine sylfne, and nime his cwylminge, and folgige me. 35 Se e wyle his sawle hale gedon, se hi forspil; se e forspil his sawle for me and for am godspelle se hig gehl. 36 Hwt frema men, eah he eallne middan-eard gestryne, and do his sawle forwyrd? 37 Oe hwylc gewryxl syl se man for his sawle? 38 Solice se e me forsyh, and mine word on isre unriht-hmedan and synfulran cneorisse, one mannes sunu forsyh, onne he cym on his fder wuldre, mid halgum englum.



a sde he him, Solice ic secge eow, t sume synd her wuniende, e dea ne onbyrigea, r hi geseon Godes rice on mgne cuman.


The Transfiguration

2 a fter syx dagum nam se Hlend Petrum, and Iacobum, and Iohannem, and ldde hi sylfe on sundron on sumne heahne munt; and wear beforan him ofer-hiwod. 3 And his reaf wurdon glitiniende swa hwite swa snaw, swa nan fullere ofer eoran ne mg swa hwite gedon. 4 a tywde him Helias mid Moyse, and to him sprcon. 5 a andswarode Petrus him and cw. Lareow, god is t we her beon; and uton wyrcan her reo eardung-stowa, e ane, and Moyse ane, and Helie ane. 6 Solice he nyste hweat he cw; he ws afred mid ege. 7 And seo lyft hi ofersceadewode; and stefn com of re lyfte, and cw, es is min leofesta sunu, gehyra hine. 8 And sona a hi besawon, hi nanne hi mid him ne gesawon, buton one Hlend sylfne mid him.

9 And a hi of am munte astigon, he bead him, t hi nanum ne sdon a ing e hi gesawon, buton onne mannes sunu of deae arise. 10 Hi a t word geheoldon betwux him, and smeadon hwt t wre, onne he of deae arise. 11 And hi hine ahsodon a, Hwt secga Pharisei and a boceras, t gebyra rest Helias cume? 12 a sde he him andswariende, Helias ealle ing ge-edniwa, onne he cym; swa be mannes suna awriten is, t he fela olige, and si oferhogod. 13 Ac ic secge eow, t Helias com, and hi dydon him swa hwt swa hi woldon, swa be him awriten is.


A Boy with an Unclean Spirit

14 And a he com to his leorning-cnihtum, he geseah mycele menegu abuton hi, and boceras mid him sprecende. 15 And sona eall foc ne Hlend geseonde, wear afred, and forht; and hine gretende, him to urnon. 16 a ahsode he hi, Hwt smeage ge betweox eow? 17 Him andswarode an of re menigu, Lareow, ic brohte minne sunu dumbne gast hbbende; 18 Se swa hwr swa he hine gelc, forgnit hine, and toum gristbita, and forscrinc. And ic sde inum leorning-cnihtum, t hi hine ut-adrifon, and hi ne mihton. 19 a andswarode he him Eala! ungeleaffulle cneorys, swa lange swa ic mid eow beo swa lange ic eow olige? Bringa hine to me. 20 a brohton hi hine. And a he hine geseah, sona se gast hine gedrefde; and on eoran forgnyden, fmende he tearflode. 21 And a ahsode he hys fder, Hu lang tid is, syan him is gebyrede? a cw he, Of cildhade; 22 He hine gelomlice on fyr and on wter sende, t he hine forspilde; ac gif u hwt miht, gefylst us, ure gemiltsod. 23 a cw se Hlend, Gyf u gelyfan miht, ealle ing synd gelyfedum mihtlice. 24 a sona hyrmde s cildes fder and wepende cw, Drihten, ic gelyfe; gefylst minre ungeleaffulnysse. 25 And a se Hlend geseah a toyrnendan menegu, he bebead am unclnan gaste, us cweende, Eala deafa and dumba gast, ic beode e, ga of him, and ne ga u leng on hine. 26 He a hrymende, and hine swye slitende, eode of him; and he ws swylce he dead wre, swa t manega cwdon, solice he is dead. 27 a nam se Hlend his hand, and hine up-ahof; and he aras a. 28 And a he into am huse code, his leorning-cnihtas hine digollice ahsodon, Hwi ne mihton we hine ut-adrifan? 29 a sde he, is cyn ne mg of nanum men ut-gan, buton urh gebedu and on fstene.


Second Prediction of Jesuss Death and Resurrection

30 a hi anon ferdon, hig forbugon Galileam; he nolde t hit nig man wiste. 31 Soplice he lrde his leorning-cnihtas, and sde, Solice mannes sunu bi geseald on synfulra handa, t hi hine ofslean, and ofslagen, am riddan dge he arist. 32 a nyston hi t word, and hi adredon hine ahsiende.


Disputes among the Disciples

33 a comon hi to Capharnaum. And a hi t ham wron, he ahsode hi Hwt smeade ge be wege? 34 And hi suwodon; witodlice hi on wege smeadon, hwylc hyra yldost wre. 35 a he st he clypode hi twelfe, and sde him, Gif eower hwylc wyle beon fyrmest, beo se eamodost, and eower ealra en. 36 a nam he anne cnapan, and gesette on hyra middele; a he hine beclypte, he sde him, 37 Swa hwylc swa anne of dus geradum cnapum on minum naman onfeh, se onfeh me; and se e me onfeh, he ne onfeh me, ac one e me sende.

38 a andswarode Iohannes, and cw, Lareow, sumne we gesawon on inum naman deofol-seocnessa ut-adrifende, se ne fylig us, and we him forbudon. 39 a cw he, Ne forbeode ge him; nis nan e on minum naman mgen wyrce, and mge rae be me yfele sprecan. 40 Se e nis agen eow, se is for eow. 41 Solice se e syl drinc eow calic fulne wteres on minum naman, foram ge Cristes synd, ic eow so secge, ne forlyst he his mede.

42 And swa hwa swa gedref nne of yssum lytlingum on me gelyfendum, betere him wre t an cweorn-stan wre to his sweoran gecnyt, and wre on s beworpen. 43 And gif in hand e swica, ceorf hi of; betere e is t u wanhal to life ga, onne u twa handa hbbe and fare on helle, and on unacwencedlic fyr, 44 ar hyra wyrm ne swylt, and fyr ne bi acwenced. 45 And gif in fot swica e, ceorf hine of; betere e is t u healt ga on ece lif, onne u hbbe twegen fet and si aworpen on helle, unacwencedlices fyres, 46 ar hyra wyrm ne swylt, ne fyr ne bi adwsced. 47 Gif in eage e swica, weorp hit ut; betere e is mid anum eagan gan on Godes rice, onne twa eagan hbbende sy aworpen on helle fyr, 48 ar hyra wyrm ne swylt, ne fyr ne bi acwenced. 49 Solice le man bi mid fyre gesylt, and lc offrung bi mid sealte gesylt. 50 God is sealt; gif t sealt unsealt bi, on am e ge hit sylta? Habba sealt on eow, and habba sibbe betwux eow.




And anon, he com on Iudeisce endas of Iordane; a comon eft menigu to him, and swa swa he gewunode, he hi lrde eft-sona.

2 a genealhton him Pharisei, and hine axodon, Hwer alyf negum men his wif forltan? his us fandigende. 3 a andswarode he him, Hwt bead Moyses eow? 4 Hi sdon, Moyses lyfde t man write hiw-gedales boc, and hi forlete. 5 a cw se Hlend, For eowre heortan heardnesse he eow wrat is bebod. 6 Fram fruman gesceasfte God hi geworhte wpnedman and wimman; 7 And cw, Foram se man forlt his fder and moder, and hine his wife geot, 8 And beo twegen on anum flsce. Witodlice ne synd na twegen, ac an flsc. 9 t God gesamnode, ne syndrige t nan man.

10 And eft innan huse his leorning-cnihtas hine be am ylcan ahsodon. 11 a cw he, Swa hwylc man swa his wif forlt, and oer nim, unrihthmed he wyrc urh hi. 12 And gif t wif hire were forlt, and oerne nim, heo unriht-hm.


Let the Children Come to Me

13 And hi brohton him hyra lytlingas, t he hi t-hrine; a ciddon his leorning-cnihtas am e hi brohton. 14 a se Hlend hi geseah, unwurlice he hit forbead, and sde him, Lta a lytlingas to me cuman, and ne forbeode ge him, solice swylcera is heofona rice. 15 Solice ic secge eow, swa hwylc swa Godes rice ne onfeh swa lytling, ne ga he on t. 16 a beclypte he hi, and his handa ofer hi settende, bletsode hi.


The Rich Young Man

17 And a he on wege eode, sum him to arn, and gebigedum cneowe toforan him, cw, and bd hine, La goda lareow, hwt do ic, t ic ece lif age? 18 a cw se Hlend, Hwi segst u me godne? Nis nan man god, buton God ana. 19 Canst u a bebodu, ne unrihthm u, ne slyh u, ne stel u, ne sege u lease gewitnesse, facen ne do u, weora inne fder and ine moder. 20 a andswarode he, Goda lareow, eall is ic geheold of minre geogue. 21 Se Hlend hine a behealdende, lufode; and sde him, An ing e is wana; gesyle eall t u age, and syle hit earfum, onne hfst u gold-hord on heofonum; and cum, and folga me. 22 And for am worde he ws geunret, and ferde gnornigende, foram he hfde mycele hta.

23 a cw se Hlend to his leorning-cnihtum, hine beseonde, Swye earfolice on Godes rice ga a e feoh habba. 24 a forhtodon his leorning-cnihtas be his wordum, Eft se Hlend him andswariende cw, Eala cild, swye earfolice a e on heora feo getruwigea ga on Godes rice. 25 Eaere ys olfende to farenne urh ndle yrel, onne se rice and se welega on Godes rica ga. 26 Hi s e ma betwux him wundredon, and cwdon, And hwa mg beon hal? 27 a beheold se Hlend hi, and cw, Mid mannum hit is uneaelic, ac na mid Gode; ealle ing mid Gode synd eaelice. 28 a ongan Petrus cwean, Witodlice! We ealle ing forleton, and folgodon e. 29 a andswarode him se Hlend, Nis nan e his hus forlt, oe gebroru, oe geswustra, oe fder, oe moder, e bearn, oe ceras for me and for am godspelle, 30 e hund-feald ne onfo nu on isse tide, hus, and broru, and swustra, and fder and moder, and bearn, and ceras, mid ehtnessum, and on toweardre worulde ece lif. 31 Manega fyrmesta beo ytemeste, and ytemeste fyrmeste.


Third Prediction of Jesuss Death

32 Solice hi ferdon on wege to Hierusalem; and se Hlend him beforan eode, and hi adredon him hine, and him fyligdon. And eft he nam hi twelfe, and ongan him secgan, a ing e him towearde wron. 33 t we nu astiga to Hierusalem, and mannes sunu bi geseald sacerda ealdrum, and bocerum, and ealdrum; and hi hine deae genyeria, and hi hine eodum sylla. 34 And hi hine bysmria, and hi him on spta, and hine swinga; and ofslea hine, and he arist on am briddan dge.


The Request by James and John

35 Him a genealhton to Iacobus and Iohannes, Zebedeis suna, and cwdon, Lareow, we wylla, t u us do, swa hwt swa we bidda. 36 a cw he, Hwt wylle gyt t in inc do? 37 a cwdon hi, Syle unc, t wyt sitton, on inum wuldre, an on ine swyran healfe, and oer on ine wynstran. 38 a cw se Hlend, Gyt nyton hwt gyt bidda; mage gyt drincan one calic, e ic drince, and beon gefullod on am fulluhte, e ic beo gefullod? 39 a cwdon hi, Wyt magon. a cw se Hlend, Gyt drinca one calic e ic drince, gyt beo gefullode am fulluhte, e ic beo gefullod; 40 Solice nis hit na min inc to syllenne t gyt sitton on mine swyram healfe oe on a wynstran, ac am e hit gegearwod ys. 41 a gebulgon a tyne hi be Iacobe and Iohanne. 42 a clypode se Hlend hi, and cw, Wite ge, t a e on eodum ealdorscype habba, t hyra ealdras anweald ofer hi habba. 43 Solice on eow hit nis swa, ac swa hwylc swa wyle mid eow yldest beon, se by eower en, 44 And se e wyle on eow fyrmest beon, se by ealra eow. 45 Solice ne come mannes sunu, t him man enode, ac t he enode, and his sawle sealde for manegra alysednysse.


The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus

46 a comon hi to Gericho; and he ferde fram Gericho, and his leorning-cnihtas, and mycel menegu, Timeus sunu, Bartimeus, st blind, wi one weg wdla. 47 a he gehyrde, t hit ws se Nazarenisca Hlend, he ongan a clypian, and cwean, Hlend, Dauides sunu, gemiltsa me. 48 a budon him manega, t he suwode; he clypode a s e ma, Miltsa me, Dauides sunu. 49 a tstod se Hlend and het hine clypian; a sdon hi am blindan, Beo geheortra, and aris, se Hlend e clypa. 50 He a, awearp his reaf, and forrsde, and to him com. 51 a cw se Hland, Hwt wylt u t ic e do? a cw he, Lareow, t ic geseo. 52 a cw se Hlend to him, Ga, in geleafa e halne gedyde. And he sona geseah, and him fyligde on wege.


The Triumphal Entry


a he genealhte Hierusalem and Bethania, to Oliuetes dune, he sende his twegen leorning-cnihtas, 2 And cw to him, Fara to am castele e [ongen] inc ys; and gyt ar sona gemeta assan folan getigedne, ofer ne nan man gyt ne st; untigea hine, and to me gelda. 3 And gyf hwa to inc hwt cwy, secga, t Drihten hf his neode, and he hine sona hider lt. 4 And a hi ut-ferdon, hi gemetton one folan ute, on twycenan, beforan dura getigedne; a untigdon hi hine. 5 And sume e ar stodon us sdon him, Hwt do gyt, one folan untigende? 6 a cwdon hi, swa se Hlend unc bead; and hi leton hi a. 7 a lddon hi one folan to am Hlende, and hi hyra reaf on-aledon, and he on-st. 8 Manega hyra reaf on one weg strehton, sume a [bogas] of am treowum heowon, and streowodon on one weg. 9 And a e beforan eodon, and a e fter-folgodon, cwdon us, Osanna, sy gebletsod se e com on Drihtnes naman; 10 Si gebletsod t rice e com ures fder Dauides; Osanna on heahnessum.

11 And he eode a on Hierosolima templ; and ealle ing he besceawode, a fen tima ws, he ferde to Bethaniam, mid his twelf leorning-cnihtum.


Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

12 And orum dge, a hi ferdon fram Bethania, hine hingrode. 13 a he feorran geseah an fic-treow e leaf hfde, he com, and sohte hwer he ar on aht funde; a he him to com, ne funde he ar, buton leaf ane; solice hit ws s fic-treowes tima. 14 a cw he, Heononfor on ecnesse ne ete nig man wstm of e. And his leorning-cnihtas t gehyrdon;


The Cleansing of the Temple

15 a comon hi eft to Hierusalem. And a he on t templ eode, he ongan drifan of am temple syllende and bicgende; and mynetera rocu, and heah-setlu e a culfran cypton he tobrc; 16 And he ne geafode, t nig man nig ft urh t temple bre. 17 And he a lrende, us cw to him, Nis hit awriten, t min hus fram eallum eodum bi genemned gebed-hus? solice ge dydon t to sceaena scrfe. 18 a ra sacerda ealdras and a boceras is gehyrdon, hi ohton hu hi hine forspildon; eh hi him adredon hine, foram eall seo menigu wundrode be his lare. 19 And a hit fen ws, he eode of re ceastre.


The Withered Fig Tree

20 On merigen a hi ferdon, hi gesawon t fic-treow forscruncen of am wyrtruman. 21 a cw Petrus, Lareow, loca! hu forscranc t fic-treow, e u wyrigdest. 22 a cw se Hlend him andswarigende, Habba Godes truwan; 23 Ic secge eow to soe, swa hwylc swa cwy to isum munte, Si u afyrred, and on s aworpen; and on his heortan ne twyna, ac gelyf, swa hwt swa he cwy, gewure is, t gewyr. 24 Foram ic eow secge, swa hwt swa ge gyrnende bidda, gelyfa t ge hit onfo, and hit eow becym. 25 And onne ge standa eow to gebiddenne, forgifa, gif ge hwt agen nigne habba, t eow eower synna forgyfe, eower heofonlica fder se e on heofonum ys. 26 Gyf ge ne forgyfa, ne eow eower synna ne forgyf, eower fder [se e on heofonum ys ne sceall forgyfan eower synna.][g]


Jesuss Authority Challenged

27 a com he eft to Hierusalem. And a he on am temple eode, him to genealhton a heah-sacerdas, and boceras, and ealdras, 28 And us cwdon, On hwylcum anwealde dest u as ing? And hwa sealde e isne anweald, t u is do? 29 a cw se Hlend, And ic ahsige eow anre sprce, andswaria me, and ic secge eow onne, hwylcum anwealde ic is do. 30 Hweer ws Iohannes fulluht e of heofone, e of mannum? andswaria me. 31 a ohton hi, and cwdon betweox him, Gif we secga of heofone, he seg us, Hwi ne gelyde ge him; 32 Gif we secga of mannum, we ondrda is folc; ealle hi hfdon Iohannem, t he wre solice witega. 33 a andswaredon hi am Hlende and cwdon, We nyton. a cw se Hlend, Ne ic eow ne secge, on hwylcum anwealde ic as ing do.


The Parable of the Tenants


a ongan he him bigspel reccan. Sum man him plantode win-geard, and betynde hine, and dealf anne sea, and getimbrode nne stypel, and gesette hine mid eor-tilium, and ferde on eleodignysse; 2 a sende he to am tilium his eow on tide, t he s win-geardes wstm onfenge. 3 a swungon hi ne, and forleton hine idel-hende. 4 And eft he him sende oerne eow, and hi one on heafde gewundodon, and mid teonum geswencton. 5 And eft he him sume sende, and hi ne ofslogon, and manega ore, sume hi beoton, sume hi ofslogon. 6 ?a hfde he a gyt nne leofostne sunu, a sende he t nehstan him ne, and cw, Witodlice minne sunu hig forwandia. 7 a cwdon a tilian him betweonan, Her is se yrfenuma; uton ofslean hine, onne bi ure seo yrfweardnes. 8 Hi i ofslogon hine, and wurpon wiutan one win-geard. 9 Hwt de s win-geardes hladord? He cym, and forde a tiligean, and syl oron one win-geard. 10 Ne rdde he is gewrit,


Se stan e a wyrhtan awurpon, es ys geworden on re hyrnan heafod?

11 is ys fram Drihtne geworden, and hit is wundorlic on uron eagum.[h]


12 a smeadon hi t hi gefengon hine, and hi ondredon a menigu; hi oncneowon a t he is bigspel to him sde; hi ferdon a, and hine forleton.


Paying Taxes to Caesar

13 a sendon hi to him sume of Phariseum and Herodianum, t hi befengon hine on his worde. 14 a comon hi and us mid facne cwdon, Lareow, we witon t u eart sofst, and u ne recst be negum men; ne besceawast u manna ansyne, ac u Godes weg lrst on sofstnysse. Alyf gaful to syllanne am Casere? . 15 Hwer e we ne sylla? a cw he, and heora lot-wrenceas wiste, Hwi fandige ge min? bringa me one pening, t ic hine geseo. 16 a brohton hi him. a sde he him, Hws is eos anlicnys, and is gewrit? Hi cwdon, s Caseres. 17 a cw se Hlend to him, Agyfa am Casere a ing e s Caseres synd, and Gode a e Godes synd. a wundrodon hi be am.


The Sadducees and the Resurrection

18 a comon him to Saducei, a secga t rist ne sy, and hine ahsodon, and us cwdon, 19 Lareow, Moyses us wrat, gif hws broor dead bi, and lf his wif, and nf nan bearn, t his broor nime his wif, and his broor sd wecce. 20 Eornostlice seofon gebroru wron; and se resta nam wif, and wear dead, na lfedum sde. 21 And a nam se oer hi, and wear dead, ne se sd ne lfde. Gelice se ridda. 22 And ealle seofon hi hfdon, and sd ne lfdon. Ealra ftemest a forferde t wif. 23 On am riste, . hwylces ara seofona bi t wif? hi ealle hi hfdon. 24 a andswarode him se Hlend, Hu ne dweliga ge, foram e ge nyton a halgan gewritu, ne Godes mgen? 25 Solice onne hi of deae arisa, ne wifia hi, ne ne giftia, ac hi synd swylce Godes englas on heofonum. 26 Be am deadum, t hi arison, ne rdde ge on Moyses bec, hu God to him cw, ofer one gorst-beam, Ic eom Abrahames God, and Isaaces God, and Iacobes God? 27 Nys God deadra, ac he ys lybbendra; solice swye ge dweligea.


The Great Commandment

28 a genealhte him an of am bocerum, e gehyrde hi smeagende, and geseah t he him wel andswarode, and ahsode hine, hwt wre ealra beboda mst. 29 a andswarode he him, t is t mste behod ealra, Israhel, gehyr, urne Drihten God he is an God; 30 And lufa inne Drihten God of ealre inre heortan, and of ealre inre sawle, eallum inum mode, and of eallum inum mgene. t is t fyrmeste bebod. 31 Solice is oer issum gelic, Lufa inne nehstan swa e sylfne. Nys oer mare bebod. 32 a cw se bocere, Lareow, well u on soe cwde; t an God is, and nys oer, butan him; 33 And t he si gelufod of ealre heortan, and of eallum andgyte, and of ealre sawle, and of ealre strenge, and lufigean his nehstan swa hine sylfne, t is mare eallum onsgdnyssum and offrungum. 34 a se Hlend geseah t he him wislice andwyrde, he sde him, Ne eart u feor fram Godes rice. And hine ne dorste nan man acsian.

35 a cw se Hlend, on am temple lrende, Hu secga a boceras, t Crist sy Dauides sunu? 36 Dauid sylf cw to am Halgan Gaste,


Drihten cw to minum drihtne,

Site on mine swyran healfe, o ic ine fynd asette to fot-sceamole inra fota.[i]


37 Dauid sylf nemde hine drihten, and hwanon is he his sunu? And mycel menegu hine luflice gehyrde. 38 a sde he him on his lare, Warnia fram bocerum, a wylla on gegyrlum gan, and beon on strtum grete, 39 And on fyrmestum lareow-setlum sittan on gesamnungum, and a fyrmestan setl on gebeorscipum; 40 a e wudewena hus forswelga, mid heora langsuman gebede; a onfo lengestne dom.


The Widows Offering

41 a st se Hlend ongen one tollsceamol, and geseah hu t folc hyra feoh torfode on one toll-sceamul; and manega welige torfodon fela. 42 a com an earm wuduwe, and wearp twegen feorlingas. 43 a clypode he his leorning-cnihtas, and sde him, Solice ic eow secge, t eos earme wuduwe eallinga mst sealde, ara e on toll-sceamul sealdon. 44 Ealle sendon of am e hi genoh hfdon; solice eos of hyre yrme eall t heo hfde sealde, ealle hyre andlyfene.


The Temples Destruction Foretold


a he of am temple eode, a cwea an of his leorning-cnihtum to him, Lareow, loca, hwylce stanas her synd, and hwylce getimbrunga isses temples. 2 a cw se Hlend, Ne geseo ge ealle as mycelan getimbrunga? ne bi her lfed stan ofer stan, e ne beo toworpen.


Signs of the End of the Age

3 a hi ston on Oliuetes dune ongen t tempel, synderlice hine Petrus, and Iacobus, and Iohannes, and Andreas acsodon, 4 Sege us, hwnne as ing gewurdon, and hwyle tacen bi, nne ealle dis ing onginna beon ge-endod. 5 a ongan se Hlend him andswarigende to ccwean, Warnia, t eow nan man ne beswice; 6 Solice manega cuma on minum naman, and cwea, Ic eom Crist; and beswica manega. 7 And onne ge gehyra gefeohtu and gefeohta hlisan, ne ondrde ge eow; hit gebyra t hit gebelimpe, ac onne gyt nis ende. 8 Solice eod arist agen eode, and rice ongen rice, and beo eoran styrunga geond stowa and hungor; is synd sara angin.

9 Warnia eow sylfe, hi sylla eow on geeahte, and swinga on gesamnungum; and ge standa beforan demum and cyningum for minum naman, him on gewitnesse. 10 And on ealle eoda rest gebyra beon t godspel gebodod. 11 And onne hi syllende eow lda, ne fore-smeage ge hwt ge specon, ac speca t eow on re tide geseald bi; ne synd ge na specende, ac se Halga Gast. 12 Solice se broor one broor to deae syl, and se fder his sunu, and a bearn arisa agen hyra magas, and mid deae hi gewcea. 13 And ge beo eallum on hatunge for minum naman; solice se bi hal, se e o ende urh-wuna.


The Abomination of Desolation

14 onne ge geseo re toworpennysse asceonunge, [s]tandan ar heo ne sceal; onne ongyte se e rt; fieon onne on muntas, a e synd on Iudea. 15 And se e is ofer ecene, ne stige he on his hus, ne he in ne ga, t he aht on his huse nime; 16 And se e bi on cere, ne cyrre he ongean t he his reaf nime. 17 Wa cennedum on am dagum, . 18 Bidda, t is on wintra ne geweore. 19 Solice on am dagum beo swylce gedrefednessa, swylce ne gewurdon of fryme re gesceafte, e God gesceop, o nu, ne na ne geweore. 20 And gif Drihten as dagas ne gescyrte, nan flse ne wurde hal; ac for am gecorenum e he geceas, he gescyrte a dagas. 21 And gif eow hwyle seg, Witodlice! her is Crist, witodlice! r he is, ne gelyfe ge. 22 Solice lease Cristas and lease witegan arisa, and wyrca fore-beacnu, to beswicanne, eac, gif hit beon mg, a gecorenan. 23 Warnia eow; nu! ealle ing e ic eow fore-sde.


The Coming of the Son of Man

24 Ac on am dagum, fter re geswencednysse, by sunne aeostrod, and se mona his beorhtnesse ne syl, 25 And heofones steorran beo feallende, and beo astyrode, a megenu e on heofonum synd. 26 onne geseo hi mannes sunu cumendne on genipum, mid mycelum mgene and wuldre. 27 onne set he his englas, and hi gaderia his gecorenan of feower windum, of eoram heahnesse o heofones heahnesse.

28 Leornia an bigspel be am fictreowe. onne his twi bi mearu, and leaf beo acennede, ge witon t sumor is gehende. 29 And wite ge, onne ge as ing geseo, t he is dura gehende. 30 Solice ic eow secge, t eos cneores ne gewit, ram ealle as ing geweoron. 31 Heofon and eore gewita, witodlice mine word ne gewita.

32 Be am dge and re tide nan man nat, ne englas on heofone, ne mannes sunu, buton fder ana. 33 Warnia, and wacia, and gebidda eow; ge nyton, hwnne seo tid ys. 34 Swa se man e leodilice ferde, forlet his hus, and sealde his eowum ne anwald gehwylces weorces, and beode am dure-wearde, t he wacige. 35 Eornostlice wacigea, ge nyton, hwnne s huses hlaford cym, e on fen, e on midre nihte, e on hancrede, e on mergen; 36 e-ls he eow slapende gemete, onne he fringa cym. 37 Solice t ic dow secge, eallum ic hit secge, Wacia.


The Plot to Kill Jesus


Solice a fter twam dagum wron eastron [.] And a solhton a heah-sacerdas and a boceras, hu hi hine mid facne namon, and ofslogon. 2 a cwdon hi, Ns na on freolsdge, e-ls s folces gehlyd weore.


Jesus Anointed at Bethany

3 And a se Hlend ws on Bethania, on Simones huse anes hreoflan, and ar st, a com an wif, and hfde hyre sealf-box deorwyres nardes; and tobrocenum sealf-boxe, ofer his heafod aget. 4 Sume hit unweorlice forbron, and betwux him sylfum cwon, Forhwi ws isse sealfe forspillednes geworden? 5 eos sealf mihte beon geseald to rim hund penegum, and beon earfum geseald. And yrsodon agen hi. 6 a cw se Hlend, Lta hi; hwi synd ge hyre grame? god weore heo on me worhte. 7 Solice symble ge habba earfan mid eow, and onne ge wylla, ge magon him teala don; me ge symble nabba. 8 eos sealde t heo hfde; heo com to smyrianne minne lichaman on byrgene. 9 Solice ic eow secge, swa hwar swa is godspell gebodod bi on eallum middan-earde, bi gebodod, t heo is on his gemynde dyde.


Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus

10 a Iudas Scarioth, t is wiersaca, an of am twelfum, ferde to am heah-sacerdum, t he hine belwde. 11 a hi is gehyrdon hi fahnodon, and beheton him feoh to syllanne. And he smeade hu he hine digellice sealde.


The Last Passover

12 And am forman dge azimorum, a hi eastron offrodon, his leorning-cnihtas him sdon, Hwyder wylt u t we faron, and gegearwian e; t u eastron ete? 13 a sende he twegen of his leorning-cnihtum, and sde him, Ga on a ceastre, and inc agen-yrn sum man berende sume wter-flaxan; folgia him. 14 And swa hwyder swa he in-g, secga s huses hlaforde, Ure lareow seg, Hwar is min gyst-hus and min gereord, hwar ete ic eastron mid minum leorning-cnihtum? 15 And he inc geswutela mycele healle gedfte, and gegearwia us ara.

16 a ferdon his leorning-cnihtas, and comon on a ceastre, and fundon hit eall swa he sdle; and gegearwodon a eastron, 17 Solice a fen com, him twelfum mid him. 18 Sittendum, and etendum, sde se Hlend, Solice ic eow secge; t eower an e mid me yt, gesyl me. 19 a ongunnon hi beon dreorige, and betwux him cwean, Cwyst u eom ic hit? . 20 a sde he him, An of eow twelfum me syl, se e his hand on disce mid me dyp. 21 And witodlice mannes sunu g, swa be him awriten is; wa am men, urh one e mannes sunu geseald bi. Betere him wre, t se man acenned nre.


Institution of the Lords Supper

22 Him a etendum, afeng se Hlend hlaf, and hine bletsiende brc, and sealde him, and us cw. Nima; is ys min lichama. 23 And onfeng calice, and Gode ancas dyde and sealde him, and ealle him of druncon. 24 a sde he him, is ys min blod re niwan cynesse, t bi for manegum egoten. 25 Solice ic eow secge, t ic heononfor ne drince of yses win-geardes cynne, o one dg onne ic hine niwne drince on Godes rice.


Peters Denial Foretold

26 And gecwedenum lofe, hi ferdon on Ele-bergena munt. 27 a cw se Hlend, Ealle ge beo ge-untreowsode on isse nihte; foram e hit awriten is, Ic slea ne hyrde, and beo a scep todrfede. 28 Ac fter am e ic arise, ic cume beforan eow on Galileam. 29 a sde Petrus him, h e ealle swicion, ne swicige ic e na. 30 a cw se Hlend, Solice ic e secge, t u on isse nihte r hana tuwa crawe, riwa wi-scst min. 31 And he s e mare sprc, And eah me gebyrige mid e to sweltanne, ne tsace ic in. And swa hi cwdon ealle.


Jesus Prays in Gethsemani

32 a comon hi to anum tune, s nam ws Gezemani. And he cw to his leorning-cnihtum, Sitta her, o t ic me gebidde. 33 And he nam a mid him Petrum and Iacobum and Iohannem, a ongan he forhtian, and sargian. 34 And sde him, Unrot is min sawl o dea; gebida her, and wacia. 35 a he lyt-hwon for-stop, he astrebte hine ofer a eoran, and he bd, gif hit beon mihte, t he on re tide fram him gewite. 36 And a cw he, Abba, t is, Fder, on ure geeode, ealle ing e synd mihtiglice, afyr ysne calic fram me; ac na t ic wylle, ac t u. 37 a com he, and funde hi slpende. And cw to Petre, Simon, slpst u? ne mihtest u ane tide wacian? 38 Wacia, and gebidda, t ge on costnunge ne gan; witodlice se gast is gearu, ac t flsc is untrum. 39 And eft he gebd a ylcan sprce. 40 And a he hine eft agen-bewende, he funde hi slpende; hyra eagan wron gehefegode. And hi nyston, hwt hi him andswaredon. 41 a com he riddan sie, and sde him, Slapa nu, and resta; genoh nit ys. Tima ys cumen; nu! is mannes sunu geseald on synfulra handa. 42 Arisa, uton gan; nu! is gehende se e me syl.


Jesus Betrayed and Arrested

43 Him a a gyt sprecendum, com Iudas Scarioth, t ys wiersaca, an of am twelfum, and mid him mycel menegeo mid swurdum and mid sahlum, fram heah-sacerdum, bocerum, and ealdrum. 44 Solice his lwa him tacen sealde, and us cw, Swa hwylcne swa ic cysse, he hit ys; nima, and lda hine wrlice. 45 And sona swa he com, he genealhte him to, an cw, Lareow; and cyste hine. 46 And hi hyra handa on hine wurpon, and namon hine. 47 Solice an of am e ar embe uton stodon, his swurde abrd, and sloh s sacerdes eow, and his eare of-acearf. 48 a cw se Hlend him andswariende, Swa swa to anum sceaan ge ferdon mid swurdum and treowum, me gefon? 49 onne ic dghwamlice mid eow ws, on temple lrende, and ge me ne namon; ac t a gewritu syn gefyllede. 50 a forleton his leorning-cnihtas ealle hyne, and flugon.

51 Sum iungling him fyligde, mid anre scytan bewfed nacod; and hi namon hine. 52 a aworpenre re scytan, nacod he him fram fleah.


Jesus before the Council

53 And hi lddon n Hlend to am heah-sacerde. And comon ealle sacerdas and boceras and ealdras togdere. 54 Petrus him fyligde feorran o s heah-sacerdes cafer-tun. And he st mid am enum, and wyrmde hine t am fyre. 55 a heah-sacerdas sohton, and eall geeaht, tale agen one Hlend, t hi hine to deae sealdon; and hi ne fundon. 56 Manega sdon lease gecynysse agen hine, and a cynessa nron slice. 57 a arison sume and sdon lease cynesse agen hine, and us cwdon, 58 Soes we gehyrdon hine secgan, Ic towurpe is hand-worhte tempel, and fter rim dagum ic oer unhand-worht getimbrie. 59 And hyra cynys ns slic. 60 a aras sum heah-sacerd on hyra midlene, and ahsode ne Hlend, Ne andswarast u nan ing agen t as e onwurpa? 61 He suwode, and naht ne andswarode. Eft hine acsode se heahsacerd, Eart u Crist, s gebletsodan Godes sunu? 62 a sde se Hlend, Ic eom; and ge geseo mannes sunu on swyran healfe sittan his mgenes, and cumende mid heofones genipum. 63 a cw se heah-sacerd, his reaf slitende, Hwi gewilnige we gyt cyera? 64 Ge gehyrdon his bysmer. Hwt inc eow? a hyrwdon hi ealle hine and cwdon t he wre deaes scyldig. 65 And sume agunnon him on sptan, and ofer-wreon his ansyne, and mid fystum hine beoton, and him to cwdon, Ard. And a enas hine mid handum beoton.


Peter Denies the Christ

66 And a Petrus ws on cafer-tune, a com to him an inen s heahsacerdes. 67 And a heo geseah Petrum wyrmende, a cw heo, u wre mid am Nazareniscan Hlende. 68 a tsoc he, and cw, Ic nat, ne ne can, hwt u segst. And he eode a of am cafer-tune; and se hana creow. 69 Eft a hine gecneow oer inen, heo ongan cwean to am e ar abutan stodon, Solice es ys of am. 70 And he eft tsoc. And eft a ymbe lytel, a e t-stodon cwdon to Petre, Solice u eart of am, Galileise u eart. . 71 a ongan he tsacan and swerian, Soes ne can ic ne man, e ge secga. 72 And a eft-sona creow se hana. a gemunde Petrus s Hlendes worde e he him sde, r se hana crawe tuwa, riwa u me tscst. a ongan he wepan.


Jesus Delivered to Pontius Pilate


a sona on mergen, worhton a heah-sacerdas hyra gemot mid ealdrum, and bocerum, and eallum werodum, and lddon ne Hlend, gebundenne, and sealdon hine Pilato. 2 a acsode Pilatus hine, Eart u Iudea cyning? a andswarode he him, u hit segst. 3 a wregdon hine a heah-sacerdas on manegum ingum. 4 Eft Pilatus hine acsode, Ne andswarast u nan ing? Loca, hu micelum hi e wregea? 5 a ne andswarode se Hlend him na mare, swa t Pilatus wundrode.


Delivered to Crucifixion

6 On symbel-dge ws his gewuna t he him forgeafe nne gebundenne, swa hwylcne swa hi bdon. 7 a bdon hi Barraban, se ws gebunden mid am rplingum, se urh swic-crft man-slyht geworhte. 8 And a he ferde, a ongan seo menegeu hine biddan, swa heo symle dyde. 9 a cw Pilatus, Wylle ge t ic eow forgyfe Iudea cyning? 10 He wiste, t urh andan hine sealdon a heah-sacerdas. 11 a astyredon a bisceopas a menegu, t he him Barraban forgefe. 12 Eft Pilatus him andswarode, Hwt do ic be Iudea cyninge? 13 Hi eft hrymdon and cwdon, Hoh hine. 14 a sde Pilatus, Hwt yfeles dyde he? Hi s e ma clypedon, Ahoh hine. 15 Pilatus wolde a am folce gecweman, and forgef him Barraban, and sealde him one Hlend, beswungenne, t he ahangen wre.

16 a lddon a cempan hine on s dom-ernes cafer-tun, and hi tosomne eall werod clypedon, 17 And scryddon hine mid purpuran. And him onsetton yrnenne helm, awundenne; 18 And ongunnon hine us gretan, Hal wes, u Iudea cyning. 19 And beoton hine on t heafod mid hreode, and sptton him on; and heora cneow bigdon and hine ge-eameddon. 20 And syan hi hine bysmrydon, unscryddon hine am purpuran, and scryddon hine mid his reafum, and lddon hine, t hi hine ahengon.


The Crucifixion

21 And genyddon sumne wegferendne, Simonem Cyreneum, cumende of am tune, Alexandres fder and Rufi, t he his rode bre. 22 And hi lddon hine on a stowe Golgotha, t is on ure geeode gereht, Heafodpannena stow. 23 And sealdon him gebiterod win, and he hit ne onfeng. 24 And a hi hine ahengon hi dldon his reaf, and hlotu warpon, hwt gehwa name. 25 a ws undern-tid, hi ahengon hine. 26 And ofer-gewrit his gyltes wes awriten, JUDEA CYNING. 27 And hi ahengon mid him twegen sceaan, anne on his swyran healfe, and oerne on his wynstran. 28 a ws t gewrit gefylled t cwy, And he ws mid unrihtwisum geteald. 29 And a e for-stopon hine gremedon, and hyra heafod cwehton, and us cwdon, Wala! se towyrp t tempel and on rim dagum eft getimbra; 30 Gehl e sylfne, of re rode stigende. 31 Eall-swa a heah-sacerdas bysmriende, betwux am bocerum, cwdon, Ore he hale gedyde, hine sylfne he ne mg halne gedon. 32 Crist, Israhela cyning, astige nu of rode, t, we gescon, and gelyfon. And a e him mid hangodon, wron him mid gebundene.


Death of Jesus

33 And re syxtan tide, wurdon ystru gewordene geond ealle eoran o non-tide. 34 And to non-tide se Hlend clypode mycelre stemne, Heloi, Heloi, lema sabattani, t is on ure geeode, Min God, min God, hwi forlete u me? 35 And sume e ar abuton stodon and is gehyrdon, hi cwdon, Nu! es clypa Heliam. 36 a arn hyra an, and fylde ane spingan mid ecede, and on hreod sette, and him drincan sealde, and cw, Leta, t we geseon, hwer Helias cune hine nyer to settanne. 37 Se Hlend, a asende his stefne, and for-ferde. 38 And s temples wah-rift ws tosliten on twa of ufeweardum o neoeweard. 39 a se hundred-man, e ar stod agen, geseah t se Hlend swa clypiende for-ferde, he cw, Solice, es man ws Godes sunu. 40 And a wif wron feorran behealdende, and betwux am ws seo Magdalenisce Maria, and Maria Iacobes moor [s gingran, and Iosepes moder,] and Salome. 41 And a he ws on Galilea, hi fyligdon him, and him enedon, and manega ore, e him mid ferdon on Ierusalem.


Burial of Jesus

42 And a fen ws geworden, t ws parasceue t is r ster-dge, 43 a com Iosep, se ela gerefa, of Arimathia, se sylfa Godes rices geanbidode; and he dyrstiglice in to Pilate eode, and bd s Hlendes lichaman. 44 a wundrode Pilatus, gif he a gyt for-ferde. a clypode he ne hundredman, and hine ahsode, hwer he dead wre; 45 a he wiste t, a agef he one lichaman Iosepe. 46 a bohte Isoep ane scytan, ... and hine ar-on befeold, and on byrgene lede seo ws of stane aheawen, and wylte anne stan to re byrgene dura. 47 a com Maria Magdalene, and Iosepes Maria and beheodlon, hwar he geled wre.


The Resurrection


And a sternes dg ws agan, seo Magdalenisce Maria, and Iacobes Maria, and Salome bohton wyrt gemang, t hi comon and hine smyredon. 2 And swye r anum reste-dge, comon to re byrgene, up-asprungenre sunnan. 3 And cwdon him betwynan, Hwa awylt us ysne stan of re byrgene dura? 4 a hi hi besawon hi gesawon ne stan aweg awyltne, solice he ws swye mycel. 5 And a hi eodon on a byrgene hi gesawon anne geongne, on a swyran healfe sittende, hwitum gegyrlan oferwrogenne; and hi a forhtodon. 6 a cw he to him, Ne forhtige ge na; ge seca ne Nazareniscan Hlend ahangenne; he aras, nis he her; her is seo stow r hi hine ledon. 7 Ac fara, and secga his leorning-cnihtum, and Petre, t he g toforan eow on Galileam; ar ge hine geseo, swa he eow sde. 8 And hi ut-eodon and flugon fram re byrgene; and wron afrede for re gesyhe e hi gesawon, and hig nanum men naht ne sdon, solice hi him adredon.


Verses 9-20 are not in all manuscripts and in none of the earliest manuscripts.


Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

9 a he aras on rne morgen on reste-dge, ryst he tywde re Magdaleniscan Marian, of re he ut-adraf seofon deofol-seocnyssa. 10 And heo a ut-eode and hit am cydde e mid him wron, heofendum and wependum. 11 a hi gehyrdon t he leofode, and hi hine gesawon, a ne gelyfdon hi him.


Jesus Appears to Two Disciples

12 fter am him twam he ws tywed on orum hiwe, him on one tun farendum. 13 And hi a foron and t orum cyddon, and hi him ne gelyfdon.


The Great Commission

14 a t nehstan, he tywde him ndlefene, ar hi tgdere ston, and tlde hyra ungeleaffulnesse, and hyra heortan heardnesse, foram e hi ne gelyfdon am, e hine gesawon of deae arisan. 15 And he sde him, Fara into ealne middan-eard, and bodia godspell ealre gesceafte. 16 Se e gelyf, and gefullod bi, se bi hal; solice se e ne gelyf, se bi genyerod. 17 as tacnu fylia am, e gelyfa. On minum naman hi deofol-seocnessa ut-drifa; hi spreca niwum tungum; 18 Nddran hi afyrra; and him ne dera, eah hi hwt deadbrlices drincon. Ofer seoce hi hyra handa setta, and hi beo hale.

19 And witodlice Drihten Hlend, syan he to him sprc, he ws on heofonum afangen, and he sit on Godes swiran healfe. 20 Solice hi a farende ghwar bodedon, Drihtne mid-wyrcendum, and trymmendre sprce fter-fyligendum tacnum.

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[b] That is, the evangelist Matthew.

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[d] 14 & Other Mss. have Some said [ESV].

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[f] 9 & An error for feower four [ESV].

[g] 26 & Verse 26 only appears in some manuscripts. Most modern editors do not consider it authentic. It is lacking in the Anglo-Saxon and is here supplied by the editor.

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